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5 Characters Joshua Bassett Could Play In The MCU

5 Characters Joshua Bassett Could Play In The MCU

Joshua Bassett is known and loved for his unforgettable Disney Channel roles and a leading role alongside Olivia Rodrigo as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. In addition to starring in that hit television series, Bassett was most recently seen in Better Nate Than Ever, another Disney+ original film. While Bassett’s acting career is continuously growing, his self-started music career has also taken off. Bassett has released a plethora of singles and EPs and is starting his first world tour in September 2022 in Canada.

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While there has been no public discussion concerning a possible debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bassett fans should be prepared in the case the young actor and singer-songwriter makes an appearance considering the extent of his acting career.


As more and more of the Young Avengers are beginning to be amassed within different content (be it Disney+ shows or Marvel feature films), the likelihood of seeing a Young Avengers movie in the future is increasing. With Bassett’s close ties to Disney in addition to his young age, he could make his appearance! Wiccan, or Billy, is one of the sons of Wanda, and a young version of him is seen with his brother Thomas (Speed) in both Wandavision and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. He’s quite powerful and is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) of the Young Avengers.

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Wiccan is also famous for being one of Marvel’s only queer superheroes, having a relationship with Hulkling. It’s quite possible that Bassett could appear as Wiccan in the future—if not, he’s at least a wonderful option.


Speed, or Thomas/Tommy Shepherd, is Wiccan’s twin brother, except they have wildly different stories and powers. According to the Marvel Comics, Speed actually was imprisoned and Wiccan and the rest of the Young Avengers help break him out. Speed, has, like his name says, super-speed, similar to his Uncle Quicksilver. Speed is witty and fast-talker (suiting), a bit more careless than Wiccan, and, because of his background, a complex character for any actor to tackle.

Similar to his brother, Speed is also LGBTQ-identifying, being one of Marvel’s openly bisexual superheroes. There is rumored casting for Speed (like many of the other heroes), but Bassett is still a strong choice for the Young Avenger’s speedster.

Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr

Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr is a Kree warrior and is a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Marvel Boys spends a good while of time in space and other areas not on Earth nor with their youngest heroes before joining the team during a brief love affair with Kate Bishop or Hawkeye (played by the immaculate Hailee Steinfeld). Bassett joining the fray as Marvel Boy is yet another possibility for the young actor, but it’s more likely he will be cast as another character if he is to join the MCU.

Additionally, the chances of Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr actually appearing in the Marvel Universe are unknown compared to the fact that many of the other heroes have been mentioned/have been present in Marvel series or films. Regardless, Bassett is a good choice for this outer-space hero.


Ricochet is not a Young Avenger, but present in the Spider-Man Universe! Since the Spider-Man Universe is also expanding and the next set of films will find Peter Parker in college, it’s likely that Bassett could join the cast as one of Peter Parker’s new college friends. Ricochet was originally an identity used by Peter Parker, but later in time, Black Marvel gave Johnny Gallo (who would become Ricochet) a duplicate Ricochet costume. While the storylines are from different comics and occurred at different times, combining the two stories together could be difficult but not completely impossible for Spider-Man’s genius writers.

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And considering the last Spider-Man film consisted of reuniting three generations of Spider-Men and their respective villains from completely alternate universes, the chances are actually quite high. Ricochet joins different teams and even goes on to be a student at the Avengers Academy, but it is entirely possible (and a unique plot point) to give Peter Parker a rival hidden-identity superhero at his college. Bassett could be the perfect option for a new and emotionally intense character to be introduced.

Iron Lad

Iron Lad, or Nathaniel “Nate” Richards, is a Young Avenger known for originally founding the team. He was born in the distant future as a younger version of Kang the Conquerer and traveled back in time to start the team to avoid himself becoming the evil that he was. Using the remains of the previous Vision, Iron Lad tracked down the heroes and assembled the team.

Bassett could easily make an appearance as Iron Lad despite other casting rumors and is a perfect captain of the team (like hisleading role in the musical—Go Wildcats!) Additionally, since Loki Season 2 is confirmed and Kang the Conquerer is the villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, this plot line could easily be the start of a Young Avengers film series.

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