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a new and innovative digital music industry concept

a new and innovative digital music industry concept

Revealed: Aug. 18, 2022 at 3:27 AM HST

AMSTERDAM, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Released these days, Compigram is a new and ground breaking electronic new music field strategy produced for artists, labels, and new music curators. The company releases compilation albums in just about every genre, sub-genre, temper, really feel, and brand to all significant digital tunes stores globally.

a new and innovative digital music industry concept
Compilation Albums(PRNewswire)

Free of charge-to-be a part of, Compigram will make it simple for (indie) artists to be featured together with other artists on excellent compilations, aiding them get discovered in new markets, increase their fanbase, and get royalties for their new music.

How it will work:

Artists and labels add their music on to the Compigram system. New music curators compile this audio into great, new branded compilation albums, which they launch through Compigram to all key digital suppliers around the world. Both equally get-togethers can join for totally free and get paid for every album they provide.

Why it is desired:

Many artists and labels want their songs to be highlighted on Spotify, Google Perform, and Deezer playlists. Sadly, this is very difficult to obtain without the need of the right connections. Uploading their audio into the Compigram system can end result in placements on a lot of different compilation albums, which in flip get dispersed on streaming platforms which include Spotify, Google Perform, and Deezer, as perfectly as offered on digital suppliers like iTunes, eMusic, and much more.

For the shopper, Spotify, Google Enjoy, and Deezer playlists can only be streamed — not bought. As Compigram releases are compilation albums, shoppers are ready to acquire these ‘playlists.’

Furthermore, new music curators who have compiled these albums get paid out for each and every stream and album sold. Present playlist creators do not get paid any funds for their streaming playlists.

This new and innovative set up will produce far more compilation albums which will in convert provide additional decisions to the client and additional earnings for artists, labels, and new music industry experts.

Significant artists by now highlighted on Compigram releases involve Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Kat DeLuna, Timbaland and other main artists.

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Website: https://compigram.com/

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Benefits of compilation albums versus playlists
Advantages of compilation albums compared to playlists(PRNewswire)

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