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Annual Feng Shui for the Yr of the Rabbit (2011)

Annual Feng Shui for the Yr of the Rabbit (2011)

Every single household and industrial setting up is influenced by power whether you can see it or not. Every year, millions of people today buy, study, or arrive across textbooks on how to go about environment up the arrangement of goods, home furnishings and specific features in the dwelling house. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, in Chinese, it is identified as the Yin Steel Rabbit, or ‘xin mao’. Just before we start off evaluating the Feng Shui cosmic strength for the yr, we need to realize that Feng Shui impacts our temper, psychology, luck and quite a few other factors in life. By heading with the move of our own cosmic process, and aligning the electricity close to us, we can stay a significantly additional harmonious and auspicious lifestyle. The outdated indicating goes “One Future, Two Luck, Three Feng Shui”. Feng Shui has a definite bearing on our lives whether we pick to imagine in it or not. Certainly education and learning and the issues we pick to do also impact our luck. If you are in a very good cycle, with Feng Shui, you can enhance the superior luck, on the other hand, if you are in a terrible cycle, Feng Shui can aid you lower the unfavorable impacts of bad luck.

The following is a summary of what all people can do with constrained expertise of Feng Shui. Remember to notice that if you are uncertain about the Feng Shui configurations of your house, employ a specialist to assess your residence. Apart from annual Feng Shui electricity, you may well have to have to just take into thought the use of other traditional Chinese solutions these types of as Flying Stars, 8 Mansions and so forth. The annual star also has an influence on the Traveling Stars which is identified by the time factor. The use of trinkets, ornaments and statues may perhaps be regarded. Despite the fact that some may possibly look at them superstition, certain animals these as the Dragon, Kirin, and Pi Yao Canine, if put effectively, can have effective defensive features. If you intend to make Feng Shui variations for 2011, be sure to do so after February 4th 2011.

The Grand Duke of Jupiter (82.5º – 97.5º East)

Each individual calendar year, the Asians who are into Feng Shui are often worried first of all about wherever the “Grand Duke” resides for the 12 months. It is an location wherever there is energetic imbalance thanks to its interactions with the planet Jupiter and the cosmos. This is an location that should not be disturbed. For the Year of the Rabbit, the Grand Duke is located in the East, for that reason, keep away from renovations and significant activities in this area of the house. The inauspicious 5 star also moved into this sector which will make the east sector an even far more tough spot to deal with. Factors to beware of and therapies in the East sector:

• Steer clear of crimson and earth shades in this sector.
• Position six coins in a row or steel objects listed here.
• Brass, bronze, silver or gold dragon ornaments are also recommended.
• Pi Yao Canines (if possible two) are of really popular ornaments applied to appease the Grand Duke.
• If you have a different sector of entry into the household, try to use that rather of the east sector. If the east entrance is unavoidable, test not to bang or slam the doorway upon entry.
• Calabash or Wu Lu Gourd can also be used.

Yearly 1 White Star (Northeast)

This calendar year, the Romance Star flies to the Northeast sector. For individuals who are interested in improving their romance element of your lives, or raise the opportunities of meeting persons, put steel and drinking water objects in this area of your dwelling space. The audio of steel these kinds of as a metallic chiming clock or audio box can do the trick. Drinking water is also recommended for this space. If you were to select one or the other factor, unquestionably go with metallic because the Northeast region signifies earth. With steel, you are offering a bridge amongst the earth and water electrical power of this area.

Annual Two Black Star (South)

The Two Black Star is frequently referred to as the sickness star. For 2011, this is not a excellent spot at all as the sickness star is improved by the fire from the south. If the south space of your property is the toilet, guestroom, laundry or storage place, then it is of less worry to you. In Traveling Star Feng Shui, when the 2 and the 9 occur collectively, there is a better probable of misfortunes.

• Spot six metallic cash in this location.
• Stay away from significant making work or renovations. If you need to do so, use a skilled to pick a date for renovations.
• Brass ingot can be applied to protect wealth.
• Steel Wu Lou Gourd (Calabash) is also proposed to minimize the consequences of the sickness star.
• Stay clear of colors of purple and the use of hearth (eg. Candles and electronic devices) in this sector.
• Some books that I have occur across in Hong Kong encouraged inserting wood in this sector to combat the earth electrical power. Individually, I would rather minimize the undesirable strength right before combating it.

Once-a-year 3 Jade Star (North)

This star is not as bad as the Two Black Star nor the Grand Duke yet you have to be informed of arguments and disputes in this space of the residence or business enterprise unit. The solution for this place is uncomplicated. Given that the 3 Jade Star possesses wooden strength, benefit from purple shades and fire-related objects to reduce the energy of the wood. Avoid applying h2o functions in this sector for the calendar year except and Feng Shui consultant has identified this space correctly making use of Flying Stars. Do not hang wind chimes or spot metallic instruments in this location.

Yearly Four Environmentally friendly Star (Southwest)

This is often referred to as the academic or scholar star. It governs not only academic and artistic skills, but also other parts this sort of as profession, journey, wisdom, schooling and interpersonal relations. Regrettably, this star flies into the Southwest sector which possesses earth power, as a final result, the academic star is weaker for this calendar year thanks to its conflict with the earth electrical power. In purchase to increase the vitality of the educational star, you will require to area four bamboo sticks in a h2o vase. Do not spot vegetation with earth in this area as you can conclude up creating conflict in this sector for these who are learning. Prevent positioning steel objects as it will weaken the educational star. Having a picket bookshelf or pagoda in this spot is also auspicious.

Annual 5 Yellow Star (East)

As mentioned earlier about the Grand Duke, this sector is not acceptable for significant activities. It is not all doom and gloom when we offer with Feng Shui. The vital is identifying the undesirable sectors and finding the right remedies. Quite a few regular Chinese cures involve the use of salt h2o or six Chinese coins in this area. These procedures could perform but it is more vital to steer clear of disturbing this sector. Make use of extra metal in this location. You should refer to the previously mentioned description on the Grand Duke for therapies in this place.

Once-a-year Six White Star (Southeast)

The Six White Star is a great star for individuals who want to boost their occupation luck. This is also deemed to be a navy star which is favourable for all those who are politicians or officers. Given that the Six White Star possesses steel electrical power even though the Southeast possesses wooden, we would have to have a bridge in order to enhance the metal. To do this, spot both equally fireplace and earth linked things together. Logically, you would have the wood feeding the hearth, and the fireplace strengthening the earth, then the earth can bolster the metallic. You can also place a authentic quartz crystal or crystal spheres in this region to activate the power of the White Star.

Annual Seven Theft Star (Center)

This year, the ‘Broken Soldier’ star is imprisoned in the heart palace. This star represents robbery, deception, theft, gossips and back again stabbing. This star will have to be taken treatment of or there may be alternatives of loss of prosperity and split-ins. Do NOT use red hues in the centre of your dwelling and try out to avoid candles and electronic tools listed here. Metal chimes and metallic devices have to also be prevented right here. The finest cure for this sector is to place water in this article. If you intend to use h2o functions in this sector, assure that the drinking water flows little by little. H2o that is crashing or lively in this space would unintentionally activate the robbery star. If in doubt, you can normally upgrade your stability and alarm program.

Annual Eight White Star (Northwest)

Out of all the stars, the 8 star is the most auspicious because it is governing the traveling star for this time period right up until 2023. The auspicious earth energy of the 8 star resides in a metal area where its fortunes are diminished for 2011. For those people who like to area crystals at home, this is the area exactly where it need to belong in for this calendar year. The very best quality of handpicked quartz crystals is encouraged and they have to be spot thoroughly and obvious in the northwest for 2011. Wealth and fame will also be uncovered in this region of the globe and I will go over this future month in my once-a-year predictions for 2011. If your bedroom is situated in the northwest, you can also think about placing an amethyst crystal listed here to bolster the Eight White Star. The northwest must also be free of charge of muddle. Quite a few Chinese have a tendency to place 8 white pebbles aligned in a form of a cross like the graphic shown in the stars chart. The white pebbles can also fortify and solidify the earth vitality in this sector.

Annual 9 Purple Star (West)

This is supposed to be a very auspicious star because it is thought of a ‘future’ wealth star with an auspicious impact in this recent time period. For 2011, the 9 Purple Star, representative of fireplace vitality is in conflict with the metallic energy of the west. To make matters worse, the Annual 3 Killings reside in this sector. Do not place metal objects in this location as you may possibly finish up disturbing the destructive strength of the Three Killings. It is ideal to maintain again renovations or main actions in this spot of the residence for 2011. Treatments for this location would include things like water and wooden objects. Eco-friendly plants or fresh new bouquets grown in water would be your most effective remedy. If you are intrigued in positioning Chinese ornaments to acquire care of the A few Killings, many would use 2 kirin canines struggling with the Three Killings.


This report presents you with several possibilities in phrases of what you can do to disperse the adverse electricity for 2011 and improve specific sectors of your household. This is by no suggests a treatment-all approach as the Once-a-year Traveling Stars is only a person component of a finish method of Feng Shui. In order to optimize the use of Feng Shui, you could would like to consult with a expert Feng Shui practitioner who would be equipped to calculate the Flying Stars of your house based mostly on time, and integrate the 8 Mansions principle to find sectors linked to your health and fitness, prosperity and profession. Try to remember that energies of the home change typically and is by no implies static. The incorporation of a specialist Four Pillars of Destiny reading through can offer a better precision in identifying all your favourable and unfavourable directions.

Feng Shui is not just about harmony and harmony, it is also about heading with the flow of your have cosmic procedure. It is pretty difficult to maximize the use of Feng Shui methods without the knowledge of the human being and the cosmic strength that 1 possesses.

I hereby would like everyone a content and nutritious 12 months of the Rabbit!