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Avatar 2 Trailer’s Jake Fortress Line Sets Up Cameron’s 3 Other Sequels

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Avatar 2 Trailer’s Jake Fortress Line Sets Up Cameron’s 3 Other Sequels

One line of dialogue in Avatar 2’s trailer could be alluding to director James Cameron’s vision for the saga, specifically for the other 3 sequels.

The new Avatar 2 trailer was surprisingly sparse, with only just one line of dialog spoken, a line that alluded to director James Cameron’s vision for the other 3 Avatar sequels. Avatar 2, subtitled The Way of Water, will keep on the saga of the Sully relatives immediately after the functions of the to start with Avatar, and dive beneath the depths of Pandora’s oceans. Coupled with spectacular illustrations or photos of Pandora’s aquatic life, the Avatar 2 trailer showcased just a person line of dialogue from Jake Sully himself: “wherever we go,” Sully claims, “this household is our fortress.

Apart from emphasizing the bigger concentration the Avatar sequels will have on the Sully relatives, Cameron has also reported that the Avatar sequels are meant to be standalone stories. Whilst Cameron and producer Jon Landau have explained that there will continue to be an overreaching storyline to the saga, it appears to be that that connective thread concerning movies will possible be the Sully spouse and children alone. As these kinds of, it feels like singling out this one particular line of dialogue in the Avatar 2 trailer feels considerable.


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Jake’s insistence that, where ever they go, the Sully relatives will adhere collectively indicates that Cameron’s Avatar sequels will choose put throughout various places, with the Sully family as the principal connecting throughline throughout sequels. This plan has by now been advised with The Way of H2o, which will use Pandora’s oceans as its backdrop, a locale unable to be explored earlier as Avatar’s h2o-dependent movement capture technological know-how was (right until lately) not up to par. If the principal environment and the Avatar: The Way of Drinking water‘s new trailer is anything at all to go off of, it feels probably that the Sully family’s biome and world-hopping adventures may perhaps offer the backdrop for the other 3 Avatar sequels in switch.

Jake Riding Toruk in Avatar 2

Although little of the plot of The Way of H2o has been teased, Landau and Cameron have prompt that the reemergence of an outdated risk will appear to displace the Sully family members. This implies that possibly the Sources Progress Administration (or RDA) could appear again to Pandora from Earth to wreak havoc after again. This, of training course, flawlessly sets up the spot modify from Pandora’s area to Pandora’s oceans in Avatar 2, with the Sully loved ones relocating to prevent and then fight again from the RDA (who are also performing with the Na’vi). But, beyond the standalone story of Avatar 2, the conflict in the very first sequel might later established up an even bigger change in Avatar 3.

Even if the initial conflict with the RDA is resolved in a standalone manner in The Way of Water (like Landau and Cameron have prompt), potentially the Na’vi will understand they want to acquire the fight to Earth. This could, in transform, be setting up the Sully relatives to depart Pandora for the but to be titled Avatar 3. Possibly, even with other interplanetary stops alongside the way, the Avatar franchise can even choose audiences back again to the dystopian Earth offered in the primary Avatar film, so very long as Jake and Neytiri (and their son) remain as the main dynamic of the franchise.

No matter of how specifically Cameron and Landau plan to execute this thought, it is distinct that the Sully family is essential to the total advancement of the Avatar saga. By singling out this line of dialogue from Jake in the Avatar 2 trailer, the film’s producer and director appear to be to be seeking to clue their viewers into the thematic resonance of Jake and Neytiri’s central dynamic. Anywhere the Avatar sequels acquire audiences upcoming, with these figures at the forefront, the franchise will have good floor to wander on.

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