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Chris Brown – AMAs Canceled Michael Jackson Tribute Performance

Chris Brown – AMAs Canceled Michael Jackson Tribute Performance

Chris Brown is shaking his head after announcing that the American Music Awards canceled his scheduled Michael Jackson tribute performance a day before the event.

Chris Brown hopped on his Instagram page on Friday (Nov. 18) and shared rehearsal footage of his tribute to Michael Jackson in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the late singer’s 1982 iconic album Thriller. In the caption, CB wrote, “U SERIOUS? [man facepalming emoji].”

In the comment section, Breezy revealed that the AMAs canceled his MJ tribute performance that was scheduled for the awards ceremony on Sunday night (Nov. 20). “WOULDVE been the ama performance but they cancelled me for reasons unknown [man shoulder shrug emoji],” he typed.

Chris Brown claims the American Music Awards canceled his Michael Jackson tribute performance.


So far, the AMAs have not responded to Chris Brown’s claims.

XXL has reached out to reps at Dick Clark Productions, which produces the American Music Awards, for comment.

In the aforementioned video, Brown is performing his latest hit single “Under the Influence” before he segues into a dance medley featuring MJ’s Thriller hits: “Beat It,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” “Billie Jean” and “Thriller.”

Upon hearing the news that the AMAs canceled Brown’s MJ tribute performance, fans went on social media to voice their disproval of their decision.

“That’s fucked up the AMAs canceled Chris brown performance,” tweeted comedian Lil Duval. “He ain’t did nothing wrong publicly lately that y’all can say is the reason.”

Another fan commented, “To make Chris Brown believe he is performing at the AMAs and to take him out without a heads up after he’s put all that time & money into rehearsals is sad. The worst part is he was paying tribute to his IDOL, Michael Jackson & you guys crushed him like that. Smh.”

Another person believed the AMAs made a big mistake nixing CB’s performance.

“I’m sorry but Chris Brown performing at the AMAs would have been the highlight of the show. When you look at who is performing, it’s boring without him. Also why let that man rehearse and then cancel on him? Your loss AMAs,” he wrote.

It seems a little strange that the American Music Awards would cancel Chris Brown’s performance at the last minute. Hopefully, we will get an answer as to why.

Watch Chris Brown’s Rehearsal Footage of his Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute Below

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