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Easy Piano Lessons – How to Play the Song Lightly Row on the Piano

Easy Piano Lessons – How to Play the Song Lightly Row on the Piano

Lightly Row is a popular song which uses a range of only 5 notes. This makes it very easy to play on the piano because you can play it easily in one hand.

Here are the lyrics for the song:

Light-ly row, light-ly row,

O’er the glas-sy waves we go!

Smooth-ly glide, smooth-ly glide,

On the sil-ent tide.

Let the winds and wa-ters be

Ming-led with our me-lo-dy.

Sing and float, sing and float

In our lit-tle boat!

Hyphens are used to separate words with 2 or more syllables. This makes it easier to match the lyrics with the tune.

This song can be played in either the right or the left hand only. The range of notes is between Middle C and the G above. Try this piece first in the right hand. Then play it 8 notes (one octave) lower in the left hand. If you feel brave, play both hands together one octave apart. This is called playing in unison.

Here are the notes of Lightly Row:

G E E, F D D,

C D E F G G G,

G E E, F D D,

C E G G E.


E E E E E F G.

G E E, F D D

C E G G E.

There are 8 lines in the song. Which lines are identical? Notice in the first line that the the first 3 notes are G E E. This pattern then repeats one note lower. You then play F D D. This is called a falling pattern. It is a very helpful way of learning and remembering piano music.