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Eminem VS Mariah Carey – Can Mariah Win? – Part 1

Eminem VS Mariah Carey – Can Mariah Win? – Part 1

An ongoing battle has continued to rage on between superstar rapper Eminem and r&b superstar Mariah Carey along with her husband/actor Nick Cannon. It’s seems that this entertaining feud has no real signs of ending anytime soon. The question that have is, is Mariah and Nick out of their league on this one? Is there anything that Carey can do to save face and even hush the seemingly outspoken Eminem?

Ok, from what I understand this whole feud started years ago when apparently Mariah Carey and Eminem some how started some sort of brief relationship. Soon after their relationship ended, Eminem released his new album at the time titled “The Eminem Show”. On this album there was one song called “Superman” that mentioned Mariah in a maybe not so positive way.

The song didn’t really attack Mariah that much but it was enough for her to record a reply track titled “Clown”. This song really took some shots at the rapper indicating that he is basically just a lonely clown.

Since that time Carey married actor Nick Cannon while at the same time, rapper Eminem was once again getting ready to release a new album titled “Relapse”. That’s right, you guessed it. There is a song on the album that really takes some shots at not only Mariah but even Nick gets a few lines shot at him.

Soon after this song was out and spreading all over the net, Cannon released a statement claiming that he is going to destroy Eminem’s career. A few months after that statement was released Mariah comes out with the song “Obsessed” which she shot a video for. The song was seemingly about Eminem being obsessed with the songstress. The video depicted what was obviously supposed to be Eminem (who was played by Mariah in the video) stalking her and basically just looking stupid. This song and video may have been a big mistake on Mariah’s half.