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Expand Your Creativity and Make Yourself Smarter Using these 8 Strategies

Expand Your Creativity and Make Yourself Smarter Using these 8 Strategies

It is now commonly accepted that collectively, our brain works by utilizing billions of neural inter-connections along an almost infinite variety of pathways to manage our intellectual capacities. The more inter-connections we have, the better or more efficiently our brains perform functions like solving problems or developing creative thought. Scientists know, but can’t explain exactly how the process works, but if you study mathematics, your musical ability improves. If you read extensively your ability to develop new physical skills or artistic abilities is augmented. This being so, we can therefore literally make ourselves “smarter” by increasing the quantities of inter-connections in our brain.

But how exactly do we go about improving our mental ability? By strengthening one or more areas of our brain which are lesser developed. If you’re an avid reader, study art. If you love all things musical, increment your nature studies. Are you an athlete? Increase your music appreciation and other areas of intellectual prowess will follow. It may sound strange and illogical, but it works. Here are six of the nine strongest “intelligences” and how they influence personality, character and ability. Note how each one can be strengthened and expanded using simple activities practiced on a regular basis.

1. Verbal – Linguistic Intelligence

People whose brains are highly developed in this area are avid readers, like to write and
do crosswords. They are also successful language learners. To expand your skills in this
intelligence, do crosswords, word finds and other word games and puzzles. Delve into poetry or write essays and articles. (Now there’s an idea) Try some verbal – linguistic types of activities online at:

• Puzzle Maker website http://www.puzzlemaker.com

• Hot Potatoes website for creating puzzles

2. Visual – Spatial Intelligence

If you love flashy colors, are an artist who paints, draws, creates or crafts, then your brain is highly – developed in this area. If you’re not, then learn to draw, cartoon or do jigsaw puzzles and you’ll increment stimulation to this part of your brain. Visit these websites for more info and to try your hand at some visual – spatial activities:

• Crosswords Kit home page http://www.crosswordkit.com/

• Jigsaw puzzle free downloads http://zone.msn.com/deluxegames/

3. Musical – Rhythmic Intelligence

Musicians, singers, rappers and poets unite! You’re all focused in on the musical – rhythmic intelligence. These people typically play a musical instrument, sing, whistle, and hum. They love limericks and music in all its forms. You who aspire to greater mental facility could take music lessons, learn and recite nursery rhymes to your children, take a music appreciation course or simply add more music to your everyday life. Online check out these sites to get started:

• Live international music feeds http://www.live365.com

• Live International music feeds http://www.radiotower.com/

4. Logical – Mathematical Intelligence

If you’re into computers then your brain is lodged here. Structured and organized you revel in order and neatness. Likely you’ll be at ease with numbers too. Bookkeepers, accountants, Statisticians and software programmers are strong in this intelligence. Should you wish to strengthen in this intelligence, solve mysteries, learn computer logic or programming or play strategic board games like chess, checkers, backgammon or Monopoly, anyone? Get a jump on revving up this intelligence playing games at:

• Free online games http://zone.msn.com/en/root/default.htm

• Free game downloads http://www.freeworldgroup.com/game.html

5. Bodily – Kinesthetic Intelligence

This is the reign of the jocks as this intelligence features innate love of motion and movement. They dance, tap, ballet or play a sport well. Do you go hiking? Swimming? Are you a ballroom dancer, cyclist or marathoner? Any type of athletics will help serve your mental and physical development. Take up surfing, learn ballroom dancing, train for a triathlon or improve your cooking skills to make yourself smarter. At the very least, you could go to the neighborhood gym for regular workouts, or take a brisk walk everyday. Your mind (and your body) will thank you as you improve your health and fitness levels – and get smarter.

6. Naturalist Intelligence

Nature lovers snugly reside here. They love animals, gardens, flowers, sunsets and the sea. Veterinarians, animal trainers, horticulturalists, environmentalists and biologists are often strongest in this intelligence. From simply going regularly for nature walks to the formal study of biological sciences will deepen your mental strengths in this intelligence. The pleasures of orchids and roses await you. Simmer in the secrets of medicinal plants, work with or enjoy horses, bees, birds or fish. Volunteer at the zoo or involve yourself in activities that take and keep you outdoors. Ideas abound online beginning with these offerings:

• Sea World online http://www.seaworld.org/animal-info/animal-bytes/index.htm

• Ed Web homepage http://www.edwebproject.org/

By working regularly on activities in these areas, your collective intelligence, that is your overall ability to think, create, solve problems and execute mental processes, will grow. So have some fun while you make yourself smarter.