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Globalization – A Boon Or a Curse to Mankind?

Globalization – A Boon Or a Curse to Mankind?

What is globalization? Different people from various elements of existence have distinct concepts about globalization. Some perspective it as the movement of men and women, language, suggestions, and products and solutions around the world (IMF, 2002). Other folks see it as the dominance of multinational organizations and the destruction of cultural identities. Some of these folks truly feel globalization is a useful course of action (IMF, 2002), although other individuals look at it with suspension and loathe. Whatsoever their ideas it’s possible, globalization is very little new, be it the use of the ‘silk route’ to trade items (Jing, 2004) or the spread of paper planet broad it has been right here for generations.

The only issue that has altered is the velocity with which it is getting put. The results and effects of present day globalization have grow to be extra obvious than at any time and like any other factor, globalization also has arrive in a deal of fantastic and undesirable things. The earth is no more time what it utilized to be. The immediate and oblique consequences of globalization have had considerably-reaching results with very couple of things left untouched. Nevertheless, in a wide feeling, the most recognizable and greatly affected kinds of globalization have been the technological revolution, the modification of food stuff and food items behavior and urbanization. In other terms, the world is globalizing and the final result is a a great deal quicker, fatter and a much more stylish earth.

Technological Revolution
1 of the greatest off-springs of globalization has been the technological revolution. Globalization of technologies perhaps regarded as the largest boon or the major risk to mankind dependent on how the world works by using it in the coming many years. Even though the make a difference is of a sensitive character, the huge distribute use of engineering has put us in a place wherever incredibly few would want to go again. Pcs, tv, automobiles, electrical power, fridges, bottle openers, telephones, pilot pens, funds card, etc have extra so substantially luxurious and benefit to a person’s existence. The advent of world wide web has introduced people closer to each other. Information now travels at the speed of a click on of a button and along with it tens of millions of tips and innovations. Contemporary know-how has had hugely spectacular and drastic impacts on all fields.

As just one researcher from North-east regional discussion board rightly points out the effects of know-how on training by stating, “Engineering is not likely to correct the troubles involved with education, but, at the exact time, the complications that plague our educational process are not heading to be remedied without having the presence of technology” (USDE, 2003).
Not surprisingly even though, the innovation of new systems has resulted in substitution and dematerialization. For instance the demand of copper wires in telecommunication in the 90’s had dropped to half of what it was in 1979 as it fell prey to other highly developed technologies (Black, 1992). Technologies, it is claimed can make the world a scaled-down and much better put. But this is only half the real truth. Technologies has also made the globe a feared area. Anxiety of nuclear disasters, personnel staying changed by devices, escalating hole amongst prosperous and very poor, addiction and dependence on devices, sedentary lifetime models, genetic meals, etcetera are all adverse results of contemporary technological know-how.

Altered Food stuff and Food stuff Behavior
The earth is becoming fatter. Contemporary day meals and meals behaviors are causing critical wellness challenges and weight problems. No question, the food stuff has develop into more scrumptious and lots of extra versions of food stuff are readily available in the current market owing to globalization. But the reality remains that the food items offered in the sector possibly harmful. In present day earth, a great deal of the food we consume are genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides. Kathleen McAfee, ‘Genetically Modified Morals’ (McAfee, 2003) appears to be unsurprised more than the decline of U.S. genetically modified meals assist by south-African international locations. She argues that modified crops are made for working with pest challenges and not foodstuff production.
On the other hand, the environment is witnessing a complete globalization phenomenon regarded as ‘the McDonalization of Society’ according to socialist like George Ritzer.

Ritzer defines McDonaldization as a approach in which the principles of rapidly foods eating places are coming to dominate modern society (Ritzer, reprinted, 1993:1). Present-day environment has found a developing domination of delicatessens and quick foods. Persons in all places flock to foodstuff courts thinking they had able to save time and cash. But speedy foodstuff are less than assault for advertising harmful food stuff and inducing individuals to overeat for revenue. This kind of intake of processed low nutrient food items has led to broad spread epidemic of weight problems and wellness connected challenges. If we go on this development of McDonaldization, we could finish up in grave danger by putting our possess bodies at risk.

Globalization Primary to Urbanization
Global transform has led to radical urbanization and the effects of urbanization have led to the course of action of unifying the earth at an alarming speed, transporting manner, audio, items and cultural traits to all corners of the globe. For instance, the ‘fashion gap’ in between international locations like Usa and Asian nations is not extremely extensive in contrast to a couple of years back again. Just one can now buy the most up-to-date goods, look at the most recent films or pay attention to the most current songs, be it in Nepal or in the United States. Lifestyles have transformed but develop into nearly the exact same in all places, as designer and strategist David Gensler puts it “Anything is about data and pace. The tendencies are worldwide. The consumption designs are global” (Sharett, 2004).

But in all this, cultures are getting shed to modernization, existence are getting monotonous and sedentary and social values are being torn apart by globalization. Backed by tendencies and electric power of affect, Western ideals are falsely proven as common, above-using local traditions and cultures. Items and tips are getting misused without having knowing their repercussions. These effects and results of urbanization have elevated several and critical issues about mankind’s futures.

While 1 can test to weigh the professionals and drawbacks of globalization, the total difficulty of globalization is pretty sophisticated. This would make it unattainable to decide and groups globalization at the very least for the second. Globalization has caused the planet to adjust and some of these modifications have been excellent though other have not. Globalization in by itself is inescapable and people today will usually have unique thoughts on it simply because of its range. To underestimate it and not choose the ideal steps to control ‘unwanted globalization’ could be disastrous. A person may possibly consequently chat about globalization, not as a boon or a curse but as a necessity to mankind for all-round world advancement. Globalization, hence just one may perhaps add, will have to be dealt with with treatment.