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How to Capture Audio From MySpace

How to Capture Audio From MySpace

MySpace is a social networking website. It’s commonly associated with creativity as it allows users to fully customize their profiles. It also has a specific account type for artists to upload and share their video or audio files. There are many audio files available for playback on the venerable MySpace site yet, but it isn’t available for us to capture audio from MySpace directly. How to capture audio from MySpace for playback on our personal digital devices like MP3 player, iPod, iTunes or iPhone?

Using Streaming Audio Capture is the easiest and best way to capture audio from MySpace which can let you download, capture, record, rip and save audio in mp3 files, flash video files, music files, songs files from MySpace, Pandora, IMEEM, iJigg, last.fm, MOG, Pandora, Radio.Blog.Club, eSnips or capture BBC Radio, Sirius Radio, XM Radio, and so on.

How to capture audio from MySpace with Streaming Audio Capture?

Download and install Streaming Audio Capture now

Step 1: Click the link above and finish it quickly on your computer.

Step 2: Open Streaming Audio Capture, visit the desired MySpace page, and play the audio files you want to capture. Whatever audio track you select will then automatically be grabbed by Streaming Audio Capture.

Step 3: Click the “Record” button on Streaming Audio Capture, then you can begin to capture audio from the selected audio files.

Step 4: Click “Stop” button on Streaming Audio Capture once the audio file has been finished.

Step 5: Click “Browse” to check the audio you have captured just now.

Features of Streaming Audio Capture

A) Streaming Audio Capture uses a virtual sound card to capture any sound played through your sound card, capture music from any online music sites and radio stations like MySpace, Napster, Rhapsody, XM radio, AOL radio, etc. After capturing, you can split audio files; edit ID3 tags like title, artist, and genre. Or, you can add recorded file to iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp.

B) Save music files as MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, M4A, AAC, etc. After you downloaded online music or radio shows, you may choose to save them as your desired audio format, such as MP3, WAV, M4A, AC3, AAC, WMA, OGG, APE, etc, which will be compatible with most of your portable players. The default format is MP3.

C) Audio Edit like splitting, adding ID3 tags You can manually tell Streaming Audio Capture to split a recording by clicking on the Split button after the audio has been recorded. What this does is it basically allows you to split up one recording into multiple different files. For each recorded song, you can edit ID3 tags as title, artist, album and genre to make your own music library as you like. Add the output files to Winamp, you can get all music track information displayed automatically.

If you’re looking for a tool to capture ANY audio from internet video or multimedia, check out the Streaming Audio Capture. This product gives you the power to capture and convert anything you can hear from the web.

More about MySpace

MySpace™ is a technology company connecting people through personal expression, content, and culture. MySpace™ empowers its global community to experience the Internet through a social lens by integrating personal profiles, photos, videos, mobile, messaging, games, and the world’s largest music community. MySpace™ is a division of News Corporation.