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How to Rap Better – Some Helpful Tips

How to Rap Better – Some Helpful Tips

Wanting to know how to rap better is not an uncommon thing for aspiring Mc’s to want to know. Yes, it is true that if you ask ten seasoned rappers this question, you probably will get ten different answers. In this article, I will go over some pretty universal helpful tips that can help any up and coming MC that is wanting to know how to rap better.

Before I go into the tips, I do want to let you know that despite what some may think, rapping is a true art that can be mastered by anyone that is truly serious about becoming a real MC. Some of today’s biggest and most talented rap stars may have been blessed with some natural rhyming ability, but even they had to learn the art of rapping to get to the level that they are at.

Now let’s get into some helpful tips that will surely help any aspiring MC..

Study Others – What I mean is, listen to those that you look up to and respect as a MC. This doesn’t have to be some super famous rapper. This can be a local rapper that you feel is really talented as a rapper. When starting out, you should listen to those you admire as much as you can. You will eventually start to pick up some of the skill traits that they have. Don’t try to mimic the way the rapper acts or talks, just listen to pick up on the way they put certain sentences together and the way they emphasize certain words. Studying others can be very helpful, and it’s easy to do.

Record Yourself – I would invest in a small little voice recorder (nothing fancy). Use this to record yourself rapping. This will allow you to listen to yourself rhyming and help critique your flow easier. Sometimes a rapper really needs to hear themselves before they can improve their skills.

Write About Different Subjects – One thing that a great MC must have is creativity, and one of the best ways to improve your creativity as a rapper is to write on various topics. I’m talking about writing rhymes about anything and everything. Write rhymes about a television show you watch or the girl you like, it doesn’t matter what it is, just write.

Freestyle Rap – Even if you really do not care for freestyle rapping, you still should do it. The more you freestyle rap the better your overall flow and delivery will become.

Get Opinions – I know this can be difficult at times, but getting honest opinions from people can help you better your rap. If you are going to be a real MC, you must be willing to take some criticism. Take this criticism and use it to make yourself a stronger MC.

This article was written to help those wanting to learn how to rap better. Using these tips will definitely improve your rap game.

Good Luck