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Justice share ‘D.A.N.C.E’ demo to mark 15th anniversary of debut album

Justice share ‘D.A.N.C.E’ demo to mark 15th anniversary of debut album

Justice have shared an first demo of their 2007 strike ‘D.A.N.C.E’ to mark the 15th anniversary of their debut album.

The French dance duo’s initially full-length LP ‘†’ arrived out 15 several years back yesterday (June 11, 2007).

To celebrate, they’ve released an EP of various remixes, extended versions and demos of ‘D.A.N.C.E.’, their most significant strike.

The only unreleased monitor on the compilation is an authentic demo of the track, which you can pay attention to underneath.


Last year, Justice grew to become concerned in a lawful spat with Justin Bieber. The address for Bieber’s sixth history ‘Justice’, which arrived back in March 2021, references the pop star’s Christian religion by making use of a crucifix-type “T” in the title.

Lovers soon began noticing the similarities concerning the symbol and that of French dance duo, who have used the font due to the fact 2003. The group’s management afterwards revealed that Bieber’s staff experienced contacted them about probably functioning alongside one another on his new graphic.

However, they claimed that “the contact was hardly ever completed”, adding: “No one at any time talked about an album termed ‘Justice’ or a symbol that states Justice. The initial time we noticed something about it was the announcement.”

Justice’s Gaspard Augé then spoke out above the band’s new legal difficulties with the Canadian star, expressing the pop star’s new album artwork was a “very acutely aware rip-off” of the dance duo.

Justice share ‘D.A.N.C.E’ demo to mark 15th anniversary of debut album
Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ album artwork

In a new job interview with the Guardian, Augé mentioned the condition and claimed that Bieber’s artwork was a deliberate rip-off of Justice’s brand.

“Though Bieber is from Canada, his steps match this mentality of American hegemony: ‘Oh nicely, it is just a little band from France, I’m certain we can take their name, no one will treatment … ‘” Augé explained.

“Obviously, we really don’t individual the word ‘Justice’ and we never very own the cross. But [Bieber’s] administration acquired in contact initial to check with the place our logo arrived from, so it is not some not happy coincidence. To me, it is a quite conscious rip-off. And which is in which the problem is.”

Following the first controversy, Justice presented Bieber’s crew with a cease and desist order over the artwork, declaring that the use of a crucifix symbol included into the title ‘Justice’ constitutes as infringement, with Justice owning copyrighted the graphic/phrase mix in France and the European Union.