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Mainstream Radio in the USA

Mainstream Radio in the USA

In today’s complex music industry, indie recording artist are getting more attention and respect from other countries than in their own backyard. What is wrong with this picture? The land of the free, the home of the brave; yet, when attempting to accelerate your music career with media exposure in the USA; foreign countries like the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa; to name a few are leading the way streaming independent artist without hesitation. Dj’s and radio stations in different parts of the world and their love for music are helping to bridge this gap.

To be embraced by others and to feel the love and appreciation by having another outlet is a blessing for all independent recording artist; which are being heard on the radio and in other publications such as music blog magazines online. Mainstream radio use to be the place to discover new artist, today, why is it so hard to break into mainstream radio? Is it due to greed, ego, selfishness or other worldly attributes and influences? To reach many music lovers around the world; the dependency on one sector of a global market; is not a wise choice among talented creators who produce music.

As a record executive and manager in the industry; the key is building relationships with others who are willing to share their platform to make you better as a production company reaching consumers in a positive and satisfying way. Music is freedom, a way out to help people improve their lives just like anything else that can be beneficial to the well-being of others. If you have been blessed to become a household name and are in a position of authority in the entertainment sector, no matter if it’s radio, TV, or other media platforms, then why not use your status to benefit yourself and those who may need exposure in the industry?

I remember being at a concert a few years ago listening to R&B soul singer and performer Charlie Wilson. As he shared one of his testimonies and went through his Baptist melodies, he stated how he promised the Lord he would continue to give Him praise and witness on the level of his success which he enjoys as an entertainer. He was not afraid or ashamed to give glory to God! For all that we do, no matter the occupation, if the opportunity is there to do something good for someone, then do it.

Although mainstream radio is one of the largest platforms to getting music heard; we all have heard the saying “do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Thanks to today’s independent radio stations, podcast, and other media platform services, there are more baskets ready to be filled forming across the world. These are the true trailblazers giving unsigned artist and music production companies an opportunity to shine without breaking the bank. For those in radio, as a radio personality are you doing what is necessary to please your audience with bringing them new music?