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Mize accused of sexual assault, swiftly gets pulled off lineups & producers remove their collaborations

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Mize accused of sexual assault, swiftly gets pulled off lineups & producers remove their collaborations

Mize, a semi-popular dubstep DJ/producer, is now getting browse his legal rights by previous contemporaries and fans immediately after @emdelhoops on Twitter came out with accusations of sexual assault towards him. Her caption and assertion alleges that Mize initiated a cease and desist from her prior to her revealing her tale.

“Towards the conclude of the night time everyone was likely to bed and I was slipping asleep alone on the sofa. Ian [Mize] had gone upstairs but came back down to invite me upstairs with him and his buddy. […] I determined to go out in the bed with them platonic and as buddies just to cuddle. I had also viewed him earlier in the night with a different girl so I hardly ever thought he experienced any intentions other than to hang out.

She ongoing, “But as soon as I begun slipping asleep Ian stored going my hand to contact his dick and I would move it absent and this stored occurring. The next working day I confronted him via textual content about what the fuck was going on that evening and he just performed it off and reported he was puzzled.”

@emdelhoops was encouraged to come out with her come across right after she acquired a cease and desist to “quiet something I had to say before I experienced a likelihood to speak on my practical experience.”

In just an hour of the story coming out, GRiZ taken off Mize from the lineup of A further Environment, saying, “Won’t tolerate sexual abuse allegations. Blindsided by the news. My coronary heart goes out to the victims, who never ever deserved to be dealt with that way.”

On top of that, inside the very same time frame, House Wizard initiated the removing of his collaborations with Mize with any remaining royalties getting donated to Rape, Abuse & Incest Countrywide Community (RAINN).

Peekaboo and Mersiv shared their personal ideas about the predicament early this morning, as perfectly.

In addition to the recount from @emdelhoops, a Reddit put up from August 2021 is reappearing, telling of a equivalent problem in which Mize allegedly became close to- or blackout drunk and assaulted a female he was in the process of sexually assaulting, giving her a black eye ahead of passing out himself.

If you need to communicate to somebody about your have expertise, the Countrywide Sexual Assault Hotline is readily available 24 several hours a working day at 1-800-656-4673. You can also talk with a agent on-line.


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