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New Years Day Have Shared A Brutal New Track ‘Hurts Like Hell’ – News

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New Years Day Have Shared A Brutal New Track ‘Hurts Like Hell’ – News

New Years Day Have Shared A Brutal New Track ‘Hurts Like Hell’ – News

New Several years Day have returned with their first new audio in 3 several years, and it is an complete bruiser. 

It is called ‘Hurts Like Hell’ and finds the band at their devastating and devilish, working out bludgeoning riffs and defiant imagery aplenty. 

It’s savage, slick and established to pin itself to the inside of your head for the foreseeable.

Ash Costello had this to say about it:

“‘Hurts Like Hell’ might feel like a track about a connection on the area in a way, it is, I suppose. As I struggled to navigate how to go on to go after my enthusiasm all through the pandemic, I understood that chaos is where by I thrive. I will stare down any impediment, even if I glance like a crazy individual to matter myself to it. Eleanor Roosevelt stated, ‘We all know folks who are so worried of ache that they shut by themselves up […] and shrink right until life is a mere dwelling dying.’ Turning pain into development and tragedy into triumph is a specially satisfying victory. As the saying goes: ‘nothing value owning comes straightforward.’ That is what ‘Hurts Like Hell’ signifies to me. The music is an acceptance and celebration of my relationship with chaos.”

And here it is:

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=rfzsG6Zjc4s  

The band’s last full-length ‘Unbreakable’ dropped again in 2019, and highlighted ‘Skeletons’ which sounded like this:


We caught up with Ash by means of Video Contact to chat all about new songs, and you can catch up with that under:

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=ozRx7GinWmU

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