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Reddit asks: “What’s your EDM hot take?”

Reddit asks: “What’s your EDM hot take?”

Additional than a lot of other genres of tunes, when it will come to EDM, a collecting of followers are more equivalent to a neighborhood than a group of men and women with a common desire. (Exceptions implement.) That could be why when local community concerns occur, they seem to be to spread like wildfire and conclusion up as a dialogue on Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and much more.

It is also why, when /u/Adventurous_Treatment6669 questioned r/EDM about their hot takes, several of them have been local community focused. We’ve highlighted a number of below, but you can examine the total thread in this article.


As a 31-calendar year-aged myself, who’s been heading to reveals given that he was 18, and doing work in the scene because 24, I’ve experienced my truthful share of men and women inquiring me how I still do it. The enthusiasm for the music does not just disappear when you strike a range absolutely sure, I go out significantly less now than I did in my 20s, but you can however catch me entrance rail at more compact festivals and jogging into the crowd when I hear my beloved DnB observe appear on.

Rave Influencers

Rave influencers are definitely a blended bag. And a good deal of it is dependent on how deep and refreshing into the fandom you are. For my jaded self, movies making enjoyment of wooks may scratch an itch. For others, skits about rave moms could really feel extremely relatable. Some others even now may get pleasure from parodies of people today on their first roll at a competition, inquiring random passersby for gum and water.

It receives universally cringe when we feel that an individual from outdoors the group is seeking to co-opt our world for their sights. That becoming explained, guys like Cherdleys, Trevor Wallace, and Blake Webber get a lifetime pass.

Repeat sets

This 1 is so dependent on own taste and frequency of exhibits that it’s difficult to set commentary on. But the primary plan retains up to scrutiny — specifically through a big artist tour when the audio is time-coded to the visuals, there are selected inherent limitations on how substantially a established can be transformed from night to evening. And if you like a established, you’ll be additional possible to have pleasurable viewing it all over again. It’s why recorded sets on YouTube however rack up tens of thousands of plays several years following the celebration. If it is very good, we won’t intellect as a great deal.

Underground raves are actually not that cool

This a single unquestionably nails the scorching consider dilemma. Underground raves, as in correct underground raves without having a nicely-regarded (or insured) promoter that ordinarily are unfold by way of text and word of mouth, are handful of and far among these days. When you have specialist audio and lights, and comparatively larger fees, artists are heading to be considerably less probably to play in a storage container out in the Mojave Desert.

But to the stage that this consumer is creating, there is no oversight. They are occasionally (not normally) operate with no issue for health and fitness and safety and conventional policies need not utilize. You are absolutely heading at your have danger, and the likely for a lifechanging time is there, but occasionally it is not worthy of it..

Festivals currently are not trash, it’s just your nostalgia working wild

I’m undoubtedly guilty of this 1, even though I never feel festivals nowadays are “trash.” I’m just obtaining more mature and I cannot personally cling with the younger young children any more. That does not indicate that the gatherings by themselves are having even worse. There is more diversity than prior to (however we nonetheless have a prolonged way to go) and the levels are having bigger and louder.

Confident, there is factors of corporate greed at play in most festivals in selected facets. But even on the lookout at Insomniac, the greatest EDM promoter in the region, Pasquale has a extensive record of devotion to the scene and his eyesight displays what the the vast majority needs, not necessarily the most devoted amongst them.


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