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Talking Circles

Talking Circles

Episode 3: So Considerably

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Episode 2: Compact Strides

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By means of Osiris Media:

Welcome to Conversing Circles – a creation of Osiris Media & Umphrey’s McGee. In excess of the system of the following 4 months, we’ll dive into the building of Inquiring For A Close friend with the users of Umphrey&#8217s McGee. We will glance at the inspirations guiding each song, the songwriting process, the new approaches utilized to craft the songs, and exactly where the band sees every single song fitting into their dwell repertoire.

In Episode 1 we’re concentrating on the to start with single from the history, &#8220I Don&#8217t Know What I Want.&#8221 We are joined by singer/songwriter/guitarist Brendan Bayliss and keyboardist Joel Cummins to focus on the songwriting system, how Brendan mixed two unique thoughts into a solitary music, and how the band crafted it into their initial one all over 2020. Through, we listen to the music&#8217s stems and the authentic demo to give listeners an plan of how the song was built in excess of time.

Offered wherever you pod: Apple | Spotify | Osiris

Talking Circles

Chatting Circles is a creation of Osiris Media and Umphrey’s McGee. Audio production by Matt Dwyer. Written and Manufactured by Brian Brinkman, RJ Bee, and Kevin Browning. Art by Mark Dowd. All interviews and audio used with permission from Umphrey’s McGee.

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