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The New Spiter (Devil Master, Sh*tf*cker) Is What Fundamentalist Christians Think Metal Is

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The New Spiter (Devil Master, Sh*tf*cker) Is What Fundamentalist Christians Think Metal Is

There are two varieties of weighty metal bands in vintage 1980s Satanic Panic-period movies. 1 is made by broad-pectoraled outlaws whose really like of metallic is the product of a damaged property which has left them either charmingly guarded or ruined and psychotic. The other is a bunch of black-clad facepainted satanic footsoldiers hellbent on earning you odor their crotches in a moonlit cemetery. And Spiter, who you may well don’t forget from their track “I Am Dracula,” is most surely the latter — but compared with numerous other bands who undertake this persona, they also wrote an album which backs it up.

Spiter’s new report Bathe the Babe in Bats’ Blood — in advance of we go any additional, person, what a title — is a repulsive explosion of sharpened satanism, vampire worship, and full depravity. Each tune includes a single rad-ass riff that appears like a descending axe blade though tackling topics like living shadows, individuals who try to eat spiders, and Transyl-fuckin’-vania.

The album go over will give you a good idea of what the band are preaching:

Yeah, precisely. These men are the sonic equal of stuffing a sock your goat-leather-based codpiece before developing bat wings and consuming a tombstone. Hold out, holy shit, is that a genuine little one?

Here’s the band’s statement on the document:

“Much like Dracula leaving Transylvania hell-bent on conquest, Richard Spider (Daemon Bitch of SHITFUCKER) moved to Philadelphia with the sole intent of forming SPITER. Alongside fellow magician Bat (Darkest Prince of Devil Grasp), and Philly punk drummer Snake (Disjawn), who was magically uncovered in a destined meeting, the lineup was total. Next the path cast by the infernal and immortal Dragon, creating the Correct Vampyric Steel Punk in the name of our God and Father, Satan!” 

So there you — both you assume this shit is uncomfortable as hell, or you’re tremendous here for it.

Spiter’s Bathe the Babe In Bats’ Blood is out now by way of Hell’s Headbangers, and accessible for obtain. In the meantime, the band heads out on tour tomorrow, so catch them at one particular of the dates under:

5/19 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
5/20 Philadelphia, PA @ Fotoclub 
5/21 Washington, DC @ Atlas Brew Works
5/22 Richmond, VA @ Cobra Cabana
6/2 Pittsburgh, PA @ Rockroom
6/3 Detroit, MI @ Donovans Pub
6/4 Cincinnati, OH  @(DSGN) CLLCTV
6/5 Cleveland, OH @ No Course

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