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The Top 10 Animated Pets of All Time

The Top 10 Animated Pets of All Time

Pets are a great addition to the family and can be loyal and dedicated companions to their human owners. But what can be better than real pets? That’s right. Animated pets!

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As long as the entertainment industry produces animation (whether it’s 2D or 3D), translating a furry—or scaly, feathery, or slimy for that matter—friend delights audiences with their innocent eyes and often playful personalities. These animated creatures are so iconic that a select few have left a mark in the entertainment industry’s history.



Scooby-dooby-Doo, where are you? When considering the top animated pets of all time, Scooby-Doo will reign forever as one of the most iconic and well-loved fidos in television history—so much so that his name is the title of the TV series! Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! was (and continues to be) one of the most influential children’s mystery series.

Along with Velma, Fred, Daphne, and his best friend Shaggy, Scooby-Doo helps investigate strange phenomena and unmask the spooky vigilantes that terrorize the community. And of course, there’s the classic line uttered by Scooby: “Ruh-roh, Raggy!”


Garfield, the lazy and often very over-it lasagna-loving cat, is by far one of the most famous animated pets of all time. Originally beginning as a comic in the newspaper, Garfield quickly became a fan favorite and was eventually adapted into a cartoon series (with 7 seasons), a movie series, and had another recent adaptation as a kids’ television series on Nickelodeon.

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The well-known orange diva feline is easily one of the most sarcastically-funny animated pets to date. Fans may remember his blank stare and pessimism as his owner would suggest fun things to do. In one scene from the classic cartoon, a kooky clown-like handyman arrives at the house and asks, “Aren’t you thrilled to see me??” to which Garfield, with half-shut eyelids, replies, “No.”

Max from The Grinch

The often emotionally-abused and loyal Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas is most definitely one of the prime animated pets and is especially popular during the Christmas season. Max is the Grinch’s pet, a little dog that is used as the “reindeer” in his devious plan to steal Christmas.

Max is a staple of the American Christmas experience and is hands-down one of the cutest animated pets. His most memorable and iconic moment—going down in Christmas history—is the scene in the original 1966 movie where the Grinch ties an antler on his head to make him look like a reindeer. Max breaks the fourth wall to stare at the audience in disbelief.

Wonder Pets

The classic Nickelodeon Jr. show, Wonder Pets, has to be a part of the top animated pets of all time. Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming the Duckling, and Turtle Tuck travel from their cages in an elementary school classroom to save other animals across the world.

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Not only that, but the Wonder Pets happen to be musically talented, and each episode is a 10-minute operetta in which they are accompanied by a 10-member orchestra. These pets aren’t just wonderful singers but hard workers, too. In the show’s 3 seasons, there were 62 episodes that took 33 weeks to produce in total, so there was always a new adventure to be had.

Tweety Bird

Fans have long adored Tweety Bird, the little yellow canary from the classic animated comedy series, Looney Tunes. In early comics, the character is very aggressive, usually humiliating Sylvester the cat.

Tweety, in his high canary-like voice, is best known for the quote, “I tawt I taw a puddytat!” (or, without the voice, “I thought I saw a pussycat!”). He’s usually in his little birdcage, swinging around and waiting for Sylvester to start some trouble, so he can mess with that feisty feline.


Clifford the Big Red Dog introduced fans to who is now one of the most famous K-9s in the world. Originally a children’s book before being adapted into a PBS Kids’ television series, Clifford, along with his friends from the local community, goes on adventures together and helps solve problems.

This bigger-than-life puppy was truly an influence on the kids of the 1990s and 2000s. Most recently, Clifford had a live-action adaptation that caused quite a stir. Clifford the Big Red Dog had 80 children’s books in total and happens to be Scholastic’s official mascot, so he will continue to support children’s educational endeavors.


The Peanuts Comics’ anthropomorphic beagle, Snoopy, is one of the most-identifiable animated pets in the world—even becoming more famous than his owner Charlie Brown. Snoopy is prone to daydreaming and often imagines different scenarios like flying a plane in WWI, being an author, or being an attorney. He has a bit of a lazy personality and will occasionally mock Charlie Brown in a fit of sass.

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He was originally seen in a Peanuts cartoon strip on October 4, 1950. Since then, he has been seen in the animated Charlie Brown movies, the more recent Peanuts movie, and has his own float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For Christmas lovers, his daydreams of flying a warplane in WW1 are mentioned in the legendary song, “Snoopy’s Christmas” by the Royal Guardsmen.

Brian Griffin

Family Guy’s Brian Griffin is yet another animated anthropomorphic beagle seen on television. Except in this case, Brian Griffin isn’t always family-friendly. He is a member of the Griffin family and works as a struggling writer. Brian also happens to be an alcoholic and loves his dry martinis.

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He has also dabbled in other illegal substances including marijuana and cocaine. Oh, and not to mention, Brian is even able to drive a car—although, he did attend Brown University, so maybe that is not surprising. Despite being a domesticated animal, Brian seems to be the only sane one in the family and often is the breadwinner of the Griffin family.


Mickey Mouse’s loyal dog friend, Pluto, is by far the most recognizable animated pet to date. He also happens to be one of the first Disney pets! Pluto the dog made his first appearance on August 6, 1930, in a film with Mickey Mouse. Even though all of his counterparts are not human, they all dress like humans except Pluto — which only makes him more adorable.

Since then, Pluto has been seen in a variety of early Disney animated films and continued to be a key character to this date. He was in Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and is a character that roams the Disney Parks.


Pascal is Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in the 2010 animated film Tangled. This cute reptilian friend is able to change his scales’ colors to camouflage and express himself.

But Pascal means business. He’s protective of Rapunzel and wants the best for her. In the end, though, he befriends Flynn Rider’s horse Maximus. The animated lizard has become a fan favorite ever since his moment in the film where he shoots his tongue in Flynn Rider’s ear to wake him up after being knocked out. Hilarious!

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