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Valentines Day – Bah Hum Bug!

Valentines Day – Bah Hum Bug!

If the Grinch and Scrooge are the bad guys at Christmas time, then who would be the villain of Valentines Day? If ever there is an opening for that position I would jump at the chance. I would volunteer – to be the girl who stole Valentines Day.

I all ready know what you’re thinking – “Someone didn’t get any cards when she was young.” No that’s not case at all. I just hate how people get all worked up spending a crazy amount of money on cheap and cheesy gifts, crowd into overpriced restaurants and spend all night listening to bad music all in the name of love. The list of reasons why I hate this holiday is way to long and I am well aware of how sad that is but I am not embarrassed to say… Bah Hum Bug.

You may be one of the lucky ones. You may get something perfect and shiny and bright. Your meal may turn out to be first rate or better still someone may pop the question this year (how original). So what, Valentines Day – what we celebrate today is still a crappy holiday and here is why.

Valentines Day should be everyday POINT BLANK! I love candy (I would eat a chocolate covered brick if you gave it to me – holiday or not) and roses are my favorite flowers – not red, yellow and peach please – they light up the room. If you ever walk pass a vase full of roses they will brighten you day for sure. I am not a jewelry person but, I do own a few very nice shiny things in my box (gifts from my husband).

And again SO WHAT. If my husband picked one day a year to shower me with gifts, make passionate love to me and take me out to dinner – I would be very, very, VERY cranky. Valentines Day does not give you a get out of romance free card that you can use for the rest of the year.

One day a year, are you kidding me? And then you want to know what’s wrong with your relationship ( I am rolling my eyes so hard my head hurts now). No, No, NO! Hundred dollar chocolate, champagne and roses may work once in a while but real love is more than these things and more than once in a while. Real lovers know this and for them Valentines Day is just one of many days to show just how much you love your mate.

Chocolate melts, champagne goes flat and the flowers are dying before you even get them in the vase. What you should have everyday of your life is a love that is as sweet and rich as the best chocolates, that pops and sparkles like the best France has to offer and is as sensual and smooth as rose petals – a love that lights up all of your senses.