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Young Buck – Controversial Hip Hop Street Rapper

Young Buck – Controversial Hip Hop Street Rapper

YO! YO! YO! What up? We about to drop the 411 up in here! We talkin’ ’bout a rapper known by many as Young Buck, so stick around for the skinny!

Well, maybe my street rap isn’t THAT good, but I can try, right?

David Darnell Brown was born March 15, 1981. He began rapping at the tender age of 12 and made his first appearance in the recording studio at 14. He assumed the stage name Young Buck. During a “rap battle,” producer “Baby” Williams saw him perform and signed him almost on the spot. Now he was part of Williams’ “Cash Money Crew” and recorded with the label.

Fellow rapper Juvenile (Terius Gray) and Young Buck left the Cash Money rap label at the same time. He signed on at UTP records while Juvenile was having legal troubles that cost him a contract with Suge Knight. Later, he would step into the well-known G-Unit rap group on the label bearing the same name.

As a member of G-Unit Records, Young Buck was given a featured spot on rapper 50 Cent’s release of “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ” with the track “Blood Hound.” This was followed by an appearance on G-Unit’s debut CD “Beg For Mercy” which went double platinum.

Following close on the heels of this wave of success, he stepped into the limelight in 2004 with his own solo debut CD “Straight Outta Cashville.” In 2007, the release of his second CD came with “Buck the World.” Shortly after this, rapper 50 Cent told an interviewer that Young Buck was officially out of the group G-Unit, though still a signed act on the label.

Word has it that a new release is impending as we speak now. The new work is to be called “The Rehab” and release date is yet to be announced.

As with many rappers, Young Buck has had his share of controversy. In 2004, at the Vibe Awards, a fight broke out backstage and he was accused of stabbing a man, Jimmy Johnson, in the chest. Video tape confirmed this incident and YB was picked up and incarcerated. While there was evidence enough to convict, a deal was struck that allowed him to avoid a trial and go free.

Young Buck is also involved in a feud with two other fellow rap/hip-hop artists, namely The Game and DJ Khaled. All have released several singles denouncing the others and ridiculing them. Buck was instrumental in getting The Game signed to the G-Unit label, so when Game released a derogatory track directed at himself and 50 Cent, the “rap” feud began and escalates to this day.

Whatever the case may be, it is certain that Young Buck has been around since the inception of the rap and hip-hop movement of the early 1990’s. Through his collaboration with such people as 50 Cent and Juvenile, he has been vital to the formation of rap music and the rap/hip hop scene.