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Chloe Bodur’s ‘Kitty & I’ Is An Epicurean Treat | News

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Chloe Bodur’s ‘Kitty & I’ Is An Epicurean Treat | News

Continuing the slow-burn up rapture of ‘Occur With Me‘, North West London’s Chloe Bodur amps up her fleshly pursuit of thrills on new solitary ‘Kitty & I’. Co-developed with cousin and regular collaborator, JD. Reid, Bodur forges her sexuality with sovereignty around her overall body centring her wants and desires, cooing and purring about a jap strings, sauntering bass and live percussion.

For the music, Bodur evoked the withholding titillation of a supporter favorite deep slash, Beyoncé’s ‘Kitty Kat’:

“I consider women are remarkable, god-like, mystical creatures and deserved to be adored as these kinds of. Encouraged by one particular of my favorite Beyoncé’ tunes ‘Kitty Kat’ I wrote it almost as a manifesto for adult men, teaching them how to deal with their lady correct if they want regular accessibility to kitty & I.  I switched the ability from Beyoncé’s 00’s version and employed humour which is definitely highly effective to support get the issue throughout in an entertaining way, and it retains the temper light-weight!”

Divine femininity courses by way of her forthcoming EP, ‘In My Dreams’, a billed communiqué of lucid sexuality and empowerment. The launch seeks to discover her twin heritage, an option to inspire a generation of South Asian girls to embrace their stifled wants and, eventually their untapped opportunity.

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