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Four Popular Free Media Players For Windows

Four Popular Free Media Players For Windows

Nowadays, computer is not only a useful system to support different jobs of people, but also to provide more entertainment for different individuals. They just need to install media player program in the system of their computer, and they can enjoy their favorite songs and music video while they are working with their computer. Surely, there will be many choices of programs available for your computer. If your computer uses Windows, you can have these five popular free media players to provide the best entertainment system in your computer.

VCL Media Player will be the first option. This program is considered as one of the best media players ever created related with its lightweight and portability. VCL is also able to play almost any format of media file, including any downloaded video files from any sites. What makes this program very popular is its ability to play DVD as well as its ability to act as streaming media server and audio decoder. Besides, this program does not need any external or extra decodes to run. With many preferences of customizable skins, this program will provide the best entertainment in your computer system.

Furthermore, you can also take a look at Media Jukebox that is designed to be an all-in-one program. This program offers a lot of abilities such as iPod connector, extreme tagging technique of music store, as well as music collection organizer. Media Jukebox requires bigger capacity than VCL, but it worth with many advantages in providing best entertainment system.

With this program, you could automatically download files by simply adding play-lists. Besides, you can also make your own skin to customize your Media Jukebox.

Then, the next option will be Songbird. It is considered as one of the most customizable media players. It offers some advantages in creating add-ons/plug-ins for added user experience. It is also completed with built-in options such as its support for the iPod, last fm playback history plug-in, metadata management, and many more. If you are looking for a program with great customization, Songbird will be perfect to be chosen.

Then, you can find the most commonly used media players in the world, Winamp. This program is lately developed into the most featured oriented program. You can find many features such as flash support, customizable plug-ins, built-in internet radio, as well as various customizable skins. Besides, the free version is also able to support a wide variety of audio and video formats and multiple languages as well as to sync with your iPod. You can have many more features actually, but you need to upgrade your free version into PRO version.

Those four free programs are great selections to be installed in your computer so you can play your favorite song, music videos, or movies in your computer. Surely, you can make it more enjoyable by providing high quality of monitor and speakers in your computer system.