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Motion picture Review – Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

Motion picture Review – Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

The film has some intense competitors with a further new comer’s film “Adore tale 2050” top rated lining Harman Baweja. Who constantly appeared like a Hero materials. As compared to him Imran Khan never ever seem to have that oomph issue but he definitely make up with his knowing of each individual scene and expertise.

When the initially promo arrive out of “Like tale 2050” which demonstrates Mumbai in 2050 with skyscrapers, flying planes and Harman Baweja posing with his name revolving around him, I was really fired up about the movie. I considered, wow here is bollywood’s serious Sci-fi motion picture. But when subsequent promos start out coming it was not thrilling ample, they essentially failed to direct me to the theatres. It would seem Harry Baweja, the Director of the movie and also the father of Harman experimented with to hard to start his son as a Hero. He looks to be want to give him great start so he has to dance effectively, he has to have great system and every little thing else. And may possibly be other stuff took again seat. In any case I never ever watched the motion picture so I should not comment on it any way. But as I viewed “Jane Tu….” Lead far more people to the theatres than “Adore Story 2050”, as for all weak-conclusion “Jane Tu…” was houseful and ” Adore Story..” was secondary assumed for folks.

On the contrary to “Appreciate Tale…”, very first promo was ” Jane Tu…” was not that good. But exhilaration construct up with the promos right after that. Promos explain to me that its on youth, Gentle Hearted romantic film. With catchy tunes by A.R. Rahman. And then the producer was Aamir Khan which is almost equivalent to good quality movie. Which I you should not believe is true for any celebrity in bollywood. I am major supporter of Amitabh Bachchan but he also does films like RGV’s Shole. Anyhow that is a diverse tale. Aamir Khan was did wonderful to promote this film, he even get alongside with media which he usually does not do. If this film has fantastic commence it is simply because of Aamir’s Brand graphic. But when you are in theatres and motion picture starts, hardly ever it takes place to you that Aamir is connected with this movie, and you you should not truly feel any require for it.

As for the movie, you usually know the story even in advance of going to motion picture but you like to view passionate flicks and you like the new treatment every single time. Motion picture is generally a director’s medium of expression and Abbas Tyrwalla performed wonderful job. Remaining writer definitely help him. The film has quite very good screenplay and you enjoy every scene. The casting of the movie also spot on. Anyone did amazing task. It was flawless overall performance by all people except Genelia, I assume remaining seasoned in the young forged she could have finished superior. The motion picture is in the league of these new era of passionate movies of Imtiaz Ali like “Socha Na Tha” and “Jab We achieved”.

I believe success of any films lies in the actuality that you in no way want to stop, you will like to go on or you speculate what may possibly transpire next. And “Jane tu …” give me that feeling. So it is absolutely nicely designed film. And of study course as usual audio by A.R. Rahman is very best.

What I can say extra…It is need to observe movie. And I will also assistance you to archive th DVD when it arrives out.