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Old School Hip Hop Music – Where to Get It

Old School Hip Hop Music – Where to Get It

Are you an old school hip hop music fan, but don’t where to find them? Whether its classic rap albums, music videos or jams that bring a little funk in the mix, here’s several places that serve up old school hip hop music…

Radio Stations

Power 105. Althought they originally played soft rock, Power 105 covers a wide range of rap, R&B. They run an old school hip hop show that cannot be beat, as well as a freestyle rap section for MCs looking to get their name out.

OldSchoolHipHop. This internet radio station is the place for the golden era. It features tracks from Afrika Bambaaataa, Busy Bee, the Sugarhill Gang and Run DMC. In addition, they offer a large selection of books and videos based on old school rap, as well as a message board to discuss the all time greats.

IMEEM. Using IMEEM listeners create their own playlist from any musical style of their choice. The old school rap section is on point, and you can save your playlists and share them with other listeners by using the social network on their site. This is a great way to share with others what you’re listening to right now…

Pandora. This website gives old school a new edge. Simply enter the name of an artist or song title (such as “Grandmaster Flash” or “The Message”) and Pandora whips up a playlist featuring similar rap artists. As you listen to each track, you can vote them up or down, and Pandora adjusts the playlist accordingly. If you want to find new school rappers who show love for old school (such as Brother Ali), this is a great place to find them!


Old school hip hop music wouldn’t be the same without the mixtape. Not only do they provide a new listen on an existing song, it also extends the life of the original by promoting it in a new way. Keep the tradition alive and check out these websites…

DatPiff. A huge website with a decent selection of classic rap tracks mixed in. Certainly worth a look.

ThatCrack. The quality of ThatCrack cannot be denied. Their tracks are hot, and many DJ’s throw in classic songs every now and then.

Old school hip hop music is something to be cherished. Search them out on these sources and share with fellow hip hop heads!