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Smif-N-Wessun Get Into Heated Confrontation On Math Hoffa’s Podcast

Smif-N-Wessun Get Into Heated Confrontation On Math Hoffa’s Podcast

Smif-N-Wessun associates Tek and General Steele bought into a confrontation with Sean Bigga on the most up-to-date episode of Math Hoffa’s My Skilled Viewpoint.

According to the clip that was unveiled on Monday (Oct 31), the Brooklyn natives had been talking about the time they frequented the late 2Pac although working on his unreleased album A person Nation in 1996. The podcast crew asked if Smif-N-Wessun could squash the beef amongst the East and West, but they replied there was no beef if they could go to California unscathed.

“When you have a group of fellas from Brooklyn likely to the West Coast, and it is no one having killed, I would say theoretically we could squash it,” Steele explained. “Maybe we’re not large sufficient to go among these two towers and go ‘Guys…’ But we’re showing and proving that it is squashed.”

Things received heated just after Sean Bigga chimed in to connect with the team traitors for aligning on their own with Pac at a time when tensions ended up high amongst the coasts. In accordance to Bigga, New York rap lovers felt “attacked” by Pac, and a “real” New York team these kinds of as Smif-N-Wessun operating with him did not truly feel correct.


Steele wasted no time addressing Bigga and allowing him know just why he and Tek went to go function with Pac underneath those people wild instances. At the time, Pac preferred to launch an album that confirmed the unification in between rappers on the East and West Coast, and he looked at the Boot Camp Clik, which Smif-N-Wessun was a part of.

“I went out there to rep my hood, I went out there since I’m the only n-gga to have the balls to go out there simply because I really don’t have loathe for Pac or for Biggie so we the only n-ggas to do what we phone unique groups,” Steele explained. “If we really don’t go out there and have that God damn Nat Turner with the Black burner spirit, then we gonna be cowards simply because I never get no sides.”

Steele then stood up and described that he, Tek and their workforce visited Pac to see what was up amid all the controversy between the coasts. As an alternative of obtaining a person who allegedly hated the East Coastline, they saw somebody they could call a brother, and prior to very long, they understood the East Coastline-West Coast beef was not something really serious.

He added that 2Pac was just like them, and it angered him hearing people in Brooklyn praise his demise in 1996, but he ultimately understood it. Bigga told Steele that enthusiasts and die-tricky New York rap fans by no means got an explanation driving their meet-up with Pac to that degree, but he was grateful to listen to the full story and hugged the rapper.

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In accordance to the tale, 2Pac was in talks with DJ Leading, Buckshot from the Boot Camp Clik, Outkast, E-40, Scarface and a lot more to history the unification album. Regretably, the album was by no means finished as 2Pac was shot in a travel-by capturing and succumbed to his accidents times later on.