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Tuxedo Tee Shirt – A History

Tuxedo Tee Shirt – A History

Don’t you just love when you go out somewhere and you see somebody wearing the infamous tuxedo tee shirt? You will see people wearing them all over the place, from bachelor parties, to giving them as gag gifts, and even on the beach! The truth is though, that not too many people know much of the history of the t-shirt, most specifically the tuxedo t-shirt.

It is not too easy to tell exactly when and where t-shirts originated. Some archaeologists say that the soldiers of Rome would wear a pseudo-t-shirt as an undergarment to their main gear. The Germans and French of World War I have also worn an undergarment that resembled the tee shirt.

It would be safe to say that Americans got the idea of the tee shirt from the British Navy who are speculated to have been wearing t-shirts since the last decade of the 1800s. In his 1920 novel, This Side Of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald mentions a “sweater or t-shirt”. The term t-shirt later appeared in the American Webster’s dictionary by the end of that decade.

Since then, the t-shirt industry has grown tremendously, with the Wizard Of Oz tee shirts in 1939, to the “Dew It For Dewey” political tees in 1948. Then, the tee shirt was popularized in Marlon Brando’s 1951 film “A Streetcar Named Desire” and James Deans’ 1955 flick “Rebel Without A Cause”.

Along with tie die tees and Beatles tees, the tuxedo tee came out in the 1960s. People would wear them all over the place all the time for any occasion: weddings, Halloween, even some famous rappers wore them.

The tuxedo t-shirt is almost 50 years old, and their popularity has never ceased – you will still see people wearing them everywhere you go. There are even variations now on the original tuxedo tee: classic, famous, rhinestone, ladies, various colors, and even for babies!

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