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Album Review: Restless Mosaic’s Sophomore LP Another ‘Restless Mosaic’ of Sonic Experimentation

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Album Review: Restless Mosaic’s Sophomore LP Another ‘Restless Mosaic’ of Sonic Experimentation

This man is just genuinely superior at naming items. Commencing with his artist moniker, if apt titling was the only point necessary to get men and women to listen to one’s music, Restless Mosaic wouldn’t even want push. It is challenging to disregard, to the point wherever one has to question if this is basically all concept operate. Like an actual visual mosaic, this artist’s get the job done is intricate, beautiful and its total impact is really only appreciated when just one actions again to see the sum of its sections. The “restless” element, even so, will make that sum just a little off the experimental facet of the perform makes the emotive and emotional complete feel a little, perfectly, restless.

Similarly when YEDM found Restless Mosaic with his initial album There’s A great deal Left to Examine produced in February 2021, the name was so apt it was virtually too apt: the unfinished nature of this multi-genre soundclash of an album was purposeful and, yet again, quite strategy-driven.

In the Home windows 95 pinball video game ‘Loony Labyrinth’ – in which you journey back again to historical Greece to rescue something or other from a minotaur chamber even though the moon phases are ideal (it’s possible? I never beat it) – when you get rid of a ball, a digitized voice claims, “There’s significantly remaining to explore.” And I have appear back again to audio comprehensive-bore simply because that is what motivates me to make nearly anything – knowing how many wonderful items are out there, waiting to be identified and explored.

If which is not a good cause for a activity and an superb solution to songwriting and generation, we do not know what is. There is A great deal Left to Explore in truth covered a lot of uncharted musical territory, particularly in the way it mashed different genres and designs jointly. Dubstep, krautrock, vaporwave, muzak? Very little was off limits to investigate but the album also arrived off so cohesively that its access went wider than everyone envisioned for an experimental album. Restless Mosaic certainly has that x-component like an Underworld or an Aphex Twin the place he’s capable to make higher-idea, technically actually complicated and, all over again, “restless” new music also remarkably listenable. It is no simple ability.

That initially album title also carried with it the portends of extra to come from Restless Mosaic, and that’s exactly where we meet up with him with his new album, Manufactured by Thawing Ice, released in March of this 12 months. Again with the excellent titling, one particular has to marvel if the album title is so good it’s informing how we hear to the music. With mentioned title naturally alluding to drinking water, there is a move and a type of underwater good quality to this total album that looks to operate as a frequent existing in the audio design…we imagine. If the album wasn’t titled consequently, would we even now listen to it so? Mr. Restless is producing us all restless with this sonic mindjob, and let’s not even get into that jab at perception and point of view contained in the title: it is frequent to consider of ice as currently being manufactured by freezing water, but who at any time thinks of water as getting made by melting ice, apart from probably glaciologists. With this album, we’re launched into the Restless Mosaic just before we even hit engage in.

As formerly overstated, Made by Thawing Ice has considerably a lot more movement and musical development than its predecessor, generally accomplished via the liberal software of vaporwave synths, drone and staticy Moog-design and style synth work. Setting up with the wavy foghorns of “A La Cara Amarilla” that includes vocalist Lili Aqvq and managing by means of “Sandbags on the Flood of My Insecurities,” which sounds a bit like getting trapped in a flooding submarine in the loveliest possible way, to the mother nature drone-fueled industrial mix of “Polliwog 1 & 6 7 8,” the water vibes are surely there and that synth perform ties it all alongside one another.


A lot less of a clash of genres and more of an IDM redux, Designed by Thawing Ice nonetheless contains a whole lot of surprises that function outside the house of stated redux. “Multicam Behavioral Health” showcasing Dear Kristin, for instance, requires a sharp left from the first couple tunes on the album again into dadaist experimentalism. Mainly jazz fusion-impressed with form of camp funk synths driving the Broadway-fashion lyrics, this monitor is pretty much a palette cleanser or an intermission from the rest of the album. Just like every little thing else, even so, it’s deliberately positioned. Its closing lyric “please, permit me be by yourself for ten minutes” potential customers into the precisely 10 minutes extended “Alone for Ten Minutes” moves from dadaist to surrealist and is an response to the problem of what occurs to this and a lot of other artists’ minds when they are, in point, remaining on your own for 10 minutes.

From there, the album takes a decidedly jazzy bent but it’s nevertheless acquired that underwater feel and stream within the sound style and design which will allow for these most experimental breaks in “Multicam Behavioral Health” and “Alone for Ten Minutes.” Manufactured by Thawing Ice also seems to be a story advised in sound about viewpoint, the giant satire that is the human head and how to keep that overthinking, glitched out supercomputer inside of our cranial wall online and operating. A person way, in accordance to Restless Mosaic, it so pour all that mess out on a employees and see if we can make some perception of it. It is even now unclear if he can or not, but the consequence is a killer LP with additional perfectly apt titles than you can shake a adhere at, and, most likely, a entire world of organized chaos at the rear of the bits of glass that does help recover some f the thoughts about staying human, even when they really do not make sense. Which is definitely all any person can question of a piece of artwork, and Restless Mosaic has completed it in his second album. Rather decent development in a year.

Made by Thawing Ice is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and bought on Bandcamp along with Restless Mosaic’s very first album, the indomitable There is Substantially Left to Investigate.

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