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Evangelistic Teleseminars – Do They Really Work?

Evangelistic Teleseminars – Do They Really Work?

One of the benefits of super mega-churches with TV evangelist stars is that you can see the “healing” and energy, watch the body language, and thus, merely listening to it on the radio doesn’t suffice, in fact, it begins to sound like a charade, comedy routine, or just pure entertainment, which in many regards it is, but obviously something is being lost in translation as you probably had surmised. Okay so, let’s talk shall we, because I’d like to discuss the potential eventuality of holding the full attention of the audience in an evangelistic teleseminar if I might.

It is possible to produce a good religious evangelism teleseminar even without the advantage of body language, or the visuals that these mega-church TV shows have to their availability. Yes, I believe so, however it’s not easy, but might I suggest that you use extra attention to voice inflection, hire someone who has previously been a radio host, and use some tricks with the bass and reverberations of the sound. By doing this, you can create a very commanding voice laying tracks over one another to create just the right amount of sound. Therefore, it makes sense to first have a 15 minute sermon using those sound tricks of the trade, and then go into the question-and-answer period.

Some might say it is audio trickery to do this, but the churches have been using audio trickery for years putting people in a Delta or Theta state of mind with very low frequency brain waves through pipe organ music. They also use visual tricks and subliminal suggestive psychological strategies. In fact they may be doing this in your church, but even if they aren’t, if you belong to one of the larger organized religions, they have done in the past in other locations, so don’t kid yourself. No, I’m not justifying it, I’m just explaining what is the way is, and that’s how they’ve been able to maintain their large following, and therefore also receive more money in that hat.

When giving a teleseminar and then asking for donations the church evangelist must make the message compelling, and appeal to the senses, nevertheless, they are at a slight disadvantage without the visuals, therefore they must create those visuals in the mind of the follower using a powerful message, building a scene as if one would in a literary novel, and then bringing it all home with a commanding almost raspy voice with lots of reverberations. This is how a TV evangelist can also use radio, or even teleseminars to propel their message, and continue the flow of dollars from their virtual congregation using such audio techniques. Please consider all this and think on it.

For the record and in full disclosure; this author does not belong to any religion, due to the trust factors, nevertheless he thought you might like to know how they do things.