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Raw Milk – Why You Should Drink It

Raw Milk – Why You Should Drink It

Today we’re talking about Raw milk.

A lot of people have misconceptions about raw milk, or milk in general, and when I talk to them about raw milk, I get a lot of funny responses. Things like “Eww… that’s nasty”. Or “Isn’t that unhealthy? straight from the cow. Can’t you get sick.”

How twisted is our thinking in America where we believe that things that are in a totally natural state are actually bad for us. This is an epidemic, we’re so used to everything being medicated and altered that our thinking is backwards! The truth is, what’s really bad for us is what they do to our milk after its raw state.

There’s two processes that you should know about. They’re called pasteurization and homogenization. Pasteurization is the process of heating milk up. Homogenization is the process of squeezing it through a filter at a very high rate of pressure.

Pasteurization was originally invented in 1864 in order to eliminate harmful bacteria. Later on, it was discovered that pasteurization was unnecessary, even Louis Pasteur himself admitted that “the germ theory (theory that proposes that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases) was not sound”. It was found that naturally occurring lactic acid-producing bacteria in raw milk protects it from pathogens-until it is killed by pasteurization. Basically, pasteurization kills the pathogens that protect the milk from the things pasteurization is trying to defend! It’s backwards. So why is pasteurization still a process that’s used today?

If you answered money, you are right. You gotta look at the business side of things. Pasteurization increases milk shelf life Tremendously… tenfold! This allows companies to ship, store, and let milk sit for longer, so they don’t lose money and slow production. But does it benefit YOU? Absolutely not. Pasteurization turns your milk into the equivalent of soda-empty calories full of sugar. By heating up milk, you’re missing out on all the things you’re drinking milk for.

  • Pasteurization kills friendly enzymes and bacteria found in milk.
  • Raw milk contains all 22 essential amino acids.
  • Raw milk is the best source of calcium available.
  • Raw milk contains CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, which has been noted to fight cancer.
  • The natural creamy rich taste of it.
  • Lactose intolerant individuals CAN drink raw milk.

Remember we said homogenization is the process of squeezing milk through filters at 4000psi. The purpose of this process is to break down the layers of fat that are produced by pasteurization. The decreased size of the fat and protein molecules often result in altered digestion. These undigested particles make it to the small intestine, and if you have “leaky gut” syndrome, the food particles can get into your blood stream, resulting in an immune response-allergies and disease.

“If you can show me a 2% fat cow, ill give you a million dollars” -Josh Rubin