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Sabrina Carpenter’s New Song *Seems* to Tell Her Side of the Olivia and Joshua Love Triangle Story

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Sabrina Carpenter’s New Song *Seems* to Tell Her Side of the Olivia and Joshua Love Triangle Story
Sabrina Carpenter’s New Song *Seems* to Tell Her Side of the Olivia and Joshua Love Triangle Story

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The adore triangle between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter is a supply of popcorn-grabbing drama that just will not likely quit. Though we would not desire the heartache or strain of the situation on anyone, we also ship our deepest many thanks to all a few of these individuals for using a unpleasant circumstance and turning it into an endless string of straight up bops for the relaxation of us to enjoy.

The most current track on the unofficial soundtrack of this enjoy triangle comes courtesy of Sabrina. On Friday, she released her latest album, e-mails i can’t mail, which incorporates the observe “for the reason that i favored a boy,” which *appears to be* to doc her aspect of this drama saga. The song’s lyrics are all about a rather innocent/casual relationship that ends up resulting in an avalanche of judgement, identify-contacting, cyberbullying, and standard loathe.

Sabrina never ever mentions any individual by title in the track, but describes the relationship as “so harmless,” whole of “cuddling on trampolines” and bonding above “challenging exes.” If the track *is* about her limited-lived connection with Joshua and the subsequent fallout that was, well, very a lot all of Sour, the chorus gives a clear appear into what residing by means of the whole predicament was like for Sabrina (and, as you possibly presently envisioned, it was rough and included the kind of social media shaming and hate that helps make you want to crawl into a gap and cover even if it truly is not directed at you and appears like it would be unbearable if it have been).

“Now I’m a homewrecker, I am a slut,” she describes in the song’s refrain. “I received death threats fillin’ up semi-trucks.”

The song incorporates other hints at the Olivia/Joshua link, like this lyric in the refrain:

“I’m the hot subject on your tongue
I’m a rebound gettin’ ’round stealin’ from the young.”

Several admirers see the line as a reference to the age distinction among Sabrina and Olivia (Sabrina is four years older), which Olivia also famous in the “drivers license” lyrics:

“And you are possibly with that blonde girl
Who normally created me question
She’s so a lot older than me
She’s anything I’m insecure about.”

And, of program, this sage-but-naturally-unattainable lifetime guidance:

“Dating boys with exes.
No, I would not endorse it.”

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