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‘The Rings of Power’ Season One Finale: The Best Fan Theories, Explained

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‘The Rings of Power’ Season One Finale: The Best Fan Theories, Explained

As of the close of episode 7, Galadriel and Halbrand are on their way from Mordor to fulfill the elves. Perhaps this is how he fulfills Celebrimbor. And then when he does, he’ll casually say to Celebrimbor, “hey, that’s a fairly great forge. I have some recommendations for how to improve it. Oh, and attempt applying that Dwarven mithril to vogue rings.” Ending the time this way (which is how I suspect it will conclude) would be a cleverer way to reward the enthusiasts for their attentiveness to the clues and non-Tolkien lovers are none-the-wiser. Regardless of whether Halbrand is exposed as Sauron (assuming this principle is real) at the conclusion of the period is nevertheless unclear, though I’m actually inclined to say he will not be outed as Sauron formally (even though I suspect something will happen that confirms to at the very least the fans that their theorizing was precise).

The Meteor Man’s Identity (and the Eminem Clergymen)

I should acknowledge that I in fact imagined Meteor Guy was Sauron at the finish of episode one particular (however I promptly changed this feeling). Nonetheless, the fanbase appears to have moved absent from this concept and are settling on a few of concepts for who he is. 1 principle that is obtained a great deal of traction is that Meteor Guy is Gandalf. In the mythology, Gandalf is a Maiar Spirit. Tolkien’s mythology consists of hierarchies of angels. At the prime is God (Eru Iluvatar). Then the Valar, who are far more akin to the Greek gods (there is a Valar of the sea, of nature, etcetera) who reside in Valinor in the much west (wherever the very first scene took put). Then, there are the Maiar. Sauron is at this rank, as are balrogs and the wizards (Gandalf, Saruman). Gandalf is also linked with the ingredient of hearth. His reward as a spirit is to kindle warmth in the hearts of other people, which we see many instances in the primary videos. And he has some talent with real fire. Feel again to his fireworks in the Shire and his capacity to stand towards a balrog on the bridge of Khazad Dum. Also, keep in mind his speech on that bridge? “I am a servant of the top secret hearth, wielder of the flame of Anor. The darkish fireplace will not avail you, flame of Udun!” So much fire imagery! 

So, it’s no surprise supporters are speculating the Meteor Man is Gandalf. There is reasonable evidence to assistance this principle. Meteor Man arrives in a literal fireball from the skies. He appears to have some magical relationship with fire. His very first words and phrases right after waking from the crater are roughly translated as “What is fire?” And he is in a position to manipulate a group of fireflies to show the stars he is seeking.



There’s a large amount of evil electricity about this male. When Nori finds him in his crater, she notes that the hearth is not warm at all. I’m reminded of how Galadriel’s torches did not give off warmth in Sauron’s abandoned fortress. Also, all those friendly fireflies dropped dead just after Meteor Male made use of them. Then, there was the incident with Meteor Person freezing his arm to heal himself, when he inadvertently scared Nori. There is surely one thing elemental about Meteor Male, and he is most likely aspect of the Maiar. The dilemma is who? A single fundamental knock in opposition to the Gandalf idea is that Tolkien specially states that Gandalf came to Middle Earth in the 3rd Age, not the Second. On the other hand, there are truly five wizards (recognised as Istari in the textbooks), and two of them came to Center Earth in the 2nd Age.

This brings us to the Eminem priests.

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