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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses A Woman Whose Husband Was Nearly Naked When She Picked Him Up From A Neighbor’s House: “She Wanted Him Gone

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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses A Woman Whose Husband Was Nearly Naked When She Picked Him Up From A Neighbor’s House: “She Wanted Him Gone

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The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose husband was inappropriately dressed when she picked him up from a neighbor’s house. The woman said she had been married for 22 years to a man who works two jobs and takes care of her, informed Shirley Strawberry. The wife said her husband may now resent her because she never gave him children.

At the beginning of their relationship, the couple agreed not to have children; now, the man wants a son. To satisfy his desire to be a father, the man became “very involved” with a neighbor’s son, noted Strawberry. At first, the letter writer said she did not mind the husband’s interest in the child. However, her feelings have shifted, and she no longer trusts her husband with the neighbor.

Since the neighbor lost her husband three years ago, the small community has “been there” for the widow and her two children, Strawberry explained. The wife said the neighbor has a five-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son. Recently the husband went to the neighbor’s house to paint her daughter’s room. He was there for an extended period. In the evening, the neighbor called the wife to take the man to the ER because he was ill.

When the wife arrived, she said her husband was undressed to his boxers, undershirt, and footies. He was also drunk, informed Strawberry. “She wanted him gone before her kids got home, and she couldn’t move him,” said the woman. The wife continued that the neighbor explained why the man was nearly naked. She told the wife, “he took his clothes off because…he couldn’t breathe.” The suspicious spouse wanted to know if she should return her man to the neighbor.

Strawberry said the man’s excuse for being nearly naked when the wife arrived to pick him up was a “stupid lie.” The only way for the husband to be almost dressed at a woman’s house was if something inappropriate was happening or about to happen, explained Strawberry. The morning show host cautioned the woman against sending her husband “back” to the widow because the same thing would happen again. “Until you figure out whether you’re staying in this marriage or what you’re gonna do, he needs to stay on that couch and stay his butt at home,” Strawberry added.

Steve Harvey said that the man is using the mom to get to the boy and the boy to get to the mother. “It may be a package deal they are working on,” he added. Harvey said he “did not know what” the woman should do about her situation. He did, however, caution against mixing painting and alcohol.

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