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Meet Me @ The Altar to bring early 2000s sound to Lollapalooza

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Meet Me @ The Altar to bring early 2000s sound to Lollapalooza

CHICAGO (CBS) — Edith Victoria, Téa Campbell, and Ada Juarez make up Meet up with Me @ The Altar, a pop-punk band leaning on roots of early 2000s rock.

They’re scheduled to perform 3 displays in Chicago this week, all close to their general performance at Lollapalooza this weekend. CBS Information Chicago’s Jamaica Ponder sat down with the team to explore their approaching album, actively playing at Lollapalooza, and what it implies to be a lady of color in punk-rock songs.

“Me and Juarez have been enjoying jointly as the altar given that summer season of 2015, but this lineup has been likely sturdy due to the fact late 2017,” mentioned Campbell, the group’s guitarist.

“And we all grew up with a adore for pop punk and like the planet tour scene. And I feel like as a enthusiast of like the Warped Tour scene at that certain time, if you’re musically inclined at the very least a minimal bit or even preferred to be, the bands you observed taking part in in pop, punk, and type of coronary heart in new music were being genuinely influential,” reported Victoria, the band’s direct singer.

“We’re certainly a group of individuals that’s affected by hundreds of genres, not just pop, punk or rock. So you can form of listen to a tiny bit of all of our influences coming into our audio. But like you said, at the core, it really is continue to, you know, pop, punk, and rock,” explained Campbell.

“All three of us share a love of the early 2000s, sort of late nineties to early 2000s, I would say, simply because every thing I never know, songs was so sincere and musical and like we grew up on it. And so clearly a whole lot of men and women have a delicate place for the new music they grew up on and we seriously, really do,” said Victoria.

“So we are like, we really like this feeling…of nostalgia and the feeling of musical new music, so we preferred to make an album that was like that,” stated Victoria.

The band recorded their latest, unreleased album with veteran producer John Fields, most famously recognized for his do the job with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

Even though they rely on nostalgia and how tunes utilised to make them really feel, Meet Me At The Altar also hopes to adjust a couple of points about the new music scene, specifically, how white it is.

“There was not definitely anyone that we experienced to glance up to that seemed like us, that played the form of songs that we appreciated. So, we type of often realized from the start that if [we] had been to make it, we would be that for not only ourselves but for other men and women who also didn’t have that illustration growing up. And it’s anything that we certainly never we never have flippantly,” reported Campbell.

“I have been going to exhibits for so prolonged, but it was usually the very same individuals there and by no means people that seemed like us. No, like and I often took that into account,” stated Juarez, the band’s drummer.

“And it can be so appealing to subconsciously come to be knowledgeable of that when you might be young because it’s not like anybody is exclusively telling you, like, this just isn’t your area, you know, like, I’m just in this article. But you look all-around you and it’s like, Very well, in which are the other persons that appear like me? We had been quite knowledgeable of that from such a youthful age that I was constantly kind of at the forefront of our intellect,” explained Victoria.

“For the reason that I constantly kind of place my aim on to the artists, our taking part in the display, and then I would be like, What? Ok, 1st of all, there is hardly any female, possibly 108 reveals on gals. And then like no black people today, no black girl, no woman of shade at all were ever on the stage. And that definitely stood out to me,” mentioned Victoria.

“And I was like, this is so mad for the reason that it was like, why not? I think about how [I’m] likely 99% guaranteed there was someone— some band in advance of us, that was very very similar to us, but they were not given the platform. But at the very same time, it is really like, I question how numerous additional had been not supplied the probability we were being supplied, offered the social local weather at the time.

Matters adjust all the time with that,” reported Victoria.

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