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Watch: MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE Shows Off His Live Tour Rig Featuring SEYMOUR DUNCAN’s PowerStage 700

Watch: MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE Shows Off His Live Tour Rig Featuring SEYMOUR DUNCAN’s PowerStage 700

Seymour Duncan has uploaded a a few-moment video clip in which MEGADETH‘s Dave Mustaine discusses his use of the PowerStage 700 to deliver his significant, thrashing guitar tones to the masses.

The PowerStage 700 is a match-altering products for guitar gamers that want uncompromising tone in a compact power amp.

Perhaps you enjoy your tube amp but you should not want to lug it all around. Or you use a modeler that has a ton of functionality but isn’t going to seem as good when hooked up to your present amp or immediate to the P.A. Potentially you have the final pedalboard and just need to have a superior way of amplifying or running it immediate. Do you dread fly dates or gigs because you are never sure what your backline will be? PowerStage is the answer, no matter if you might be taking part in live or recording in the studio.

When you produce your tone from a modeler, pedals or consequences processor, what you want is a clean, transparent electric power supply that brings your tone to lifestyle. With PowerStage, you can bring your whole rig to the gig without compromising your seem, breaking your back or draining your financial institution account.

The PowerStage 700 is the ideal companion for the recent crop of amp modelers and consequences processors. With discrete stereo ins and outs you can reproduce your very carefully crafted amp sounds in significant depth, with power, clarity and a warmth that will consider even condition-of-the-artwork modeled tones to the next degree. And with the Legitimate Taxi Circuitry (TCC) on the XLR line outputs, you can send your tone immediate to the front of house — with all the come to feel and reaction of a speaker, even as you keep an eye on as a result of a cupboard onstage.

Another huge gain of the PowerStage is its musically voiced 3-band EQ. This will allow you to fine-tune your seem, quickly and with precision, with out scrolling by menus or modifying patches. These kinds of a potent and intuitive tone shaping software at the pretty finish of your signal chain can make it simple to maximize your tone for any scenario. For guitarists who use pedals to produce their audio, PowerStage is the lacking website link in your sign chain. Operate your beloved distortion pedal into PowerStage and then merely bypass it and allow it come to be your greatest clean up channel, turning any pedal combo into a two-channel amp that provides your great tone. It also plugs into any cabinet at any impedance any place in the globe, thanks to its adaptable 100v-240v energy supply.

The gains prolong perfectly over and above are living gigs. In the studio, it can be your solution weapon. By using the XLR outs, you can plug your pedalboard into the PowerStage and all of your impedance difficulties will vanish. This enables you to run your pedals straight into your DAW — with total speaker simulation – no mics required! With its stereo operation, you can deliver your pedalboard into one channel and then run the other aspect totally dry into another, facilitating complex levels, reamping and extra. Feel about it: a powerful, portable, musical tool that can protect against headaches and backaches – onstage and in the studio. Whether or not you use pedals, modelers or everything else to get your signature seem, the PowerStage 700 will permit you amplify it in a thoroughly clean and toneful way. This is your tone, only louder.

Like Seymour Duncan‘s award-winning pedals, the PowerStage 700 is designed and assembled at the company’s Santa Barbara, California manufacturing unit by the exact same workforce liable for its famous pickups.

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